Revenue and marketing solution

The Service


  • Daily Revenue Management Support.

  • Weekly Revenue Management Analysis to include Pace Reports, Rate Shops.

  • Support with Hotel Systems Integration 

  • Increase conversion on the web booking engine.

  • Increase Bookings  and profitability across all channels

  • Connect and manage Channel manager &  OTA

  • Reel Time Rate and Inventory Parity · 

  • Independent analysis of your business strategy

  • Boost Global exposure, build a future base business.

  • Optimize content & images on all channels distribution.

  • Provide assistance with promotions, offers, and packages

  • Save Time with Advance Business Intelligence

  •  Day Review and Control the Performance and Prices

  • Rapid response to competitive action and changes in consumer behavior

  • Creative Content (Custom Brand Related Graphics and Colours)

  • Hashtags Research (Brand related and trending)

  • Engaging Captions (text with each post)

  • Brand Pages (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business)

  • Stock images and visual contents for posts

  • Scheduling and Posting

  • Optimize company pages to increase the visibility of the company

  • Social media pages problem solving (fix Page settings, website linking, About section, and more)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Facebook/ Google Ads and Campaigns

The Benefit
  • One-Stop Solution for Revenue Management Tools.

  • Grow ADR and Revpar performance

  • No start-up fees, No Lock-in period, Monthly agreement.

  • Personalized revenue management service.

  • Save Time with Advance Business Intelligence.

  • Revenue Management & real-time.

  • Cost-per-reservation analysis.

  • Round the clock revenue management support.

  • No more managing Extranets.

  • Hotels can focus on guest satisfaction & service scores.

  • Cost-effective solution 

  •  Increase Decision-making efficiency

  • Increase revenue and Profit Margin

  •  The recent trend in a major shift from Analog to Digital

  •  Maximum people of all generations are using Social Media

  •  A brand can make an impression in people’s mind

  •  Advertising through Facebook, YouTube is more visible in comparison to Newspaper or Flyers.


Revenuegenics is a single business solution to put your unique distribution strategy into action.

Our goal is to help hoteliers to attract their visitor and covert business.

It enhances the revenue growth of property and closely monitors to increase the revenue and profit across all the channels.

It increases the strength of excellence in revenue Management products and services.

Why use Revenue optimization solution?

Making money with a hotel is getting increasingly complex- more data, more channel. more complex.

Revenue Management Solution makes the complex process of pricing and controlling rooms very simple to manage.

Revenue Management Solution automates the hard work and present fully processed and simplified information to the user throughout the hotel organization.

 Hotel depend on Revenue Management Solution maximize profitability and Revenue Uplifting.

What revenue system do?

Take internal and external date through various interfaces

Calculate and Capture the demand

Optimizes the rate availability controls to maximize revenue and profits

Provide usable information alerts and parity driven screen to guide the users effort

Send optimal rates controls and optimal booking limits to all distribution channels.

Provide instant action to current results and future performance of all distributions.