New Update on Twitter are a Blessing

Twitter is a social media platform that need

s no introduction. The little bluebird is flying very successfully from the day of its inception, and credits to the company’s owner created a site where you are reading this post.

Twitter is a platform helpful in running mass campaigns, small interactions, and sometimes a lot of informal interactions take place here. You will not find people sharing loads of images or check-in to a restaurant or emoticons, as everything is express in words.

Yes, You have to go and write as posting smileys will not work.

Though, 250 words are not enough to describe the feelings ( unless it is a Poem).

Yet, Twitter has never seen a fall in its popularity.

Life Span of a Tweet

The algorithm of twitter works on getting the most recent tweets for the users. You will never see an old tweet popping up on your feed unless you only follow a handful of people, and they are also not very active on the platform.

An average life span of a Tweet is 18 minutes, so if you want to be active on this platform, make a habit of scheduling multiple tweets in a day.

And, most of the time, a tweet dies even in lesser time, so a lot of people add hashtags that are trending to gain more impression on their tweets. I have even seen a tweet with a food recipe blog that had a hashtag of US Elections as it was trending recently.

It is not right to blame the user also as everyone wants to promote the work, but not all have mass followership, so to make it more visible, here is a new update on the bluebird that can be beneficial.

New Update on Twitter

A new update to add a story that can be viewed by your followers is live now, and it is known as Fleet.With this update, Twitter now joins the league with Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where users can share stories that can be viewed by the followers.

Life Span of a Fleet

Thanks to the increased time, a user can place a story which will be visible for 24hrs, and the followers can check the story, but a feature that was missing on Instagram has been taken care of by Twitter.

Placement of Links on a Fleet

Yes, as the headline says. You can place links in the stories that can be clicked by people, allowing a set of traffic to your blogs, so use this feature to generate traffic to your Blog, Medium, or Vocal Media stories.

Create some great graphics and add a link to your blogs, and the followers will love to click it.

Note — It can be done only by a smartphone and not by a laptop.

Which Platform Will Face The Heat?

It is my personal opinion that if this update works well for Twitter, it will knock off Pinterest from the Online market. As the virtual search engine is now getting complicated day by day, and they are mainly focusing on the paid pins instead of rich organic pins.

Above is my opinion, although I wish Pinterest gets back to its earlier form as we all have enjoyed it, and also I hope this update of Twitter to be a boon for us.

When are you Fleeting your first story?

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