Revenuegenics is a Business Development and Revenue Management tool that provides solutions for hotels and resorts to increase revenue with a focused approach on market conditions, competitive pricing, OTA & distribution management, RevPAR performance, management strategies, daily revenue management support, Corporate penetration, and Social Media Marketing.

Revenuegenics is a one-stop revenue management solution, keeping your business in line with current business development strategies and tactics. 

We understand the challenges with Sales and Revenue management. Some of them are – rate parity issues, mismanagement of room categories, price control in missing LOS restrictions, timely stop inventory to all channels, remembering extranet logins, no interface, managing OTA distribution channels, no corporate tie-ups, less exposure to digital marketing, etc.

Achieving a fair share of the market takes time, talent, and a firm understanding of distribution channels, that can produce at any level of demand. With the highest Sales and Revenue performer in the industry,

Revenuegenics is a solution and remarkable profit management tactics & strategies that shall grow the revenue and take you to a leading position in the marketplace.

Highlights to Our Services

Grow ADR and RevPar with value Added

Work with Online Travel Agent on hotel behalf and Unlimited Channels Management setup with OTAs,GDS,Booking Engine and CRS

Connecting with Corporates for Events and Conferences in Hotels

Expert Revenue Manager Available round the clock. Provide Weekly pace Reporting and Market Segment Analysis

Increase Bookings and Maximize the Revenue to higher the profit margins.


Revenuegenics provides consultation on Business development, Revenue management, and system integration.  Managing business becomes seamless and real-time if we ensure optimum distribution management and revenue performance.


We work daily with systems for the independent hoteliers: Central Reservation (CRS) & Global Distribution Systems (GDS), Revenue Management Software (RMS), Property Management System (PMS), Online Travel Agents (OTAs) extranets, Content review, Social media platforms, Lanyon and more.


We at Revenuegenics have the right experience and knowledge of Hotel Revenue management systems to assist your property in building the proper system and structure.



OTAS Management

Distribution Solutions

Promotions,Extranets and Price Management

Investment Chart

Increase Visibility .Boost Guest Conversation on all Channels

Increase Profitability

RMS Tools Consulttancy

Increase Visibility .Boost Guest Conversation on all Channels

Increase Profitability

RMS Tools Consulttancy




We are a team of Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Professionals who have worked with 5 Star Hotels like The Oberoi, Carlson Rezidor, Etc. and with a combined experience of 18+ Years, we are successful in increasing Revenue of the hotels.

We focus on setting up basic business processes in the right way that is market segmentation, pricing structures, correct data sets, demand forecasts, etc. The techniques have a huge impact on revenue and profitability.

After close analysis, we are now aiming to assist small hotel owners who have struggled in recent times. 

Earlier we have consulted hotels for Sales and Revenue and are proud to provide them a healthy P&L, now we are venturing out into the digital marketing stream and are providing Mystery audit services to improve the quality of service received by guests.

Revenuegenics is a single business solution to put your unique distribution strategy into action.

Our goal is to help hoteliers to attract their visitor and covert business. It enhances the revenue growth of property and closely monitors to increase the revenue and profit across all the channels. It increases the strength of excellence in Revenue Management, Digital Marketing, and mystery audit services.

We are a one-stop for Sales, Revenue Management, Digital Marketing Management, and Mystery audit services.


Revenuegenics is built to grow with your business. Increases the strength of excellence in revenue Management product and service.

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